Hey PI-Fans,

Greetings Man-Things, the time of the Vermindoom is close. Yes-yes. Kill-Kill Storm-Things.

Games Workshop has been very very uncoy about the fact that the Age of Sigmar 4th Edition is upon us, in all it’s Skaven vs Stormcast glory. The massive Skaventide launch box comes with an expected price tag to match as well – as part of one of their website lucky draw declarations, they’ve valued the box as follows in the fine print.

“The value of the contents of each prize is GBP £160 (one hundred and sixty) / AUD $450(four hundred and fifty) Australian Dollars/ USD $265 (two hundred and sixty five US dollars/ EU €210 (two hundred and ten) Euros.”

No idea what their SGD price is going to be, but we expect it to clock in somewhere between SGD$400-450 ballpark.




While we don’t know the exact SGD price of the box as always (GW likes to play these things close to their chest), we are putting out a little early-bird sweetener for those looking to pick up the box set with us. Those who order the box before 23rd June (Sunday) and place a deposit on the order will get an extra spicy little 10% off the final price on top of their usual membership bonus.

Preorder at Games @ PI, contact us via email at info@pi.com.sg or call us at 67343858 and submit a $100 preregistration deposit.


Reservation order will be taken in order of receipt of $100 preregistration deposit.
This is not the final price – customers preregistering their interest will be informed of the final price of the box when manufacturer MSRP is announced.
In the event of short supply, orders will be fulfilled according to reservation order – refunds will be issued in the event of manufacturer non-supply.
Delivery subject to manufacturer release dates.
The Early Reservation Bonus is a time sensitive promotion and may be closed at a later date without warning.
Preregistration deposit amount will count towards final payment.
Refunds will not be issued for cancellation of orders.
Additional payment will be required at point of collection based on final MSRP.
Non-collection of product within thirty days of product release will result in the forfeit of the preregistration bonus as well as releasing of any product orders made – refunds will not be issued for non-collection. 

The Skaventide box is divided into two sides coming in at 1,200 points.

There is a Stormcast Eternal strike force comprising 10 Liberators, 3 Prosecutors, 3 Reclusians and 2 Memorians attendants, a Knight Questor, a Lord-Veritant and Gryph-Crow, Lord-Terminos and Memorian squire and a Lord-Vigilant on Gryph-Stalker, totalling 24 Sigmarite Armoured warriors.

The Skaven on the other hand flood the table with 40 Clanrats, replete with champions, musicians and banners, 3 Warplock Jezzails, 3 Rat Ogors, Warplock Engineer, Grey Seer, Clawlord on Gnaw-Beast and the new Ratling Warpblaster, swarming in at a massive 50 verminous bodies.


As to when it’s going to be available, all internet chatter points to a July release, though the accuracy of such rumors is all currently hearsay.