Hey PI-fans,

Welcome to Tuesday! If you love subways, MRTs and all things trains, you’re going to love this one – Metro X!


metro x box   metro x contents 2

In Metro X, you and your friends are all travelling on various metro lines. However, you only have a limited number of moves and must choose which stations to go to. The player who is able to visit the most stops wins! The cool thing is everyone can play the game at the same time! If you finish a route first, you get more points! But watch out, fail to complete your route and you will subtract points! 

Turn progression is simple:  Someone flips open a card from the top of the deck. Each number card tells you how many stops you can travel. You mark of the number of stops with an X in your board. There are other cards too like ‘Skip’ which allows you to skip over a previous station you marked, ‘Transfer’ that lets you double your points on a  junction. and ‘Free Space’ which allows you to mark any free station that’s not on your current track. 

Race to the finish and score the most points!

For 1-6 Players, 20 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 8+

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