Hey PI-Fans,

As another 22/7 rolls around, and iconoclasts that we are, we’re once again celebrating another PI-Day. With social-distancing measures still in force, things are a bit muted this year and we can’t exactly throw any huge parties this year but it’s nice to add another year to the life of PI and we can at least make a few changes for the better at least.

For one thing, starting PI-Day we’re expanding our opening hours.




Happy PI-Day, and we hope to see you at the store soon!


indomitus models space marines necrons

It’s not exactly open gaming yet, but we’re also seizing upon the opportunity to run a little something for the upcoming release of Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition. Games @ PI is running introductory sessions for Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition, so bring your own force of around 25 Power and we’ll give that army a work out with that. book a three hour session and come on down and we’ll walk you through the game.  Don’t have an army? The store will have an Indomitus box ready to go if you want to experience a whole new force.

The demo is expected to take around half an hour, so if you have your own Warhammer force and want to give it a spin in the new edition with a full game afterwards, the rest of the time is also open to free play.

Check out our booking page and register your own learning session.


As part of PI-Day, we’re putting out a Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition Sale!

From now until July 31st, as an In-Store Exclusive promotion, Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition releases are on sale at 40% off retail price!  

This joins our existing Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game promotion, so if you’re looking to load up on a set of new toys for your armies, now is as good a time as any!