Hey PI-fans!

Our loyalty cards are back! Folks who have previously stamped receipts can now transfer them onto a card.

Show us your stamped receipts and we’ll transfer the stamps on a fresh card!

Every $60 stamp earned is a step towards getting a Membership!

It’s great to be a PI Member because:

– It’s Lifetime membership.
– You enjoy a 5% discount on purchases.
– On your Birthday month, your membership discount doubles to a total of 10% off your purchases.
– You get PI points when you make purchases. Every $10 spent grants you 1 point to gain passes and vouchers.
– Redeem specialised vouchers in the form of PI dice. Each die is worth $6 store credit.
– Access our comprehensive collection of Citadel paints and make use of our airbrush booths with our Paint Pass system.

Be a PI member today!

Full Membership details here

*As we have not yet opened our gaming tables, paint bar and airbrush booths, points can’t be used to redeem those for now.