Hey PI-Fans,

As the header clearly states, we moved the webstore. For those of you who want to just make the leap over and start exploring right away, you can follow the link HERE.

Something we’ve mentioned in previous announcements was how the previous webstore interface was sort of struggling to keep up with our range of product… In the end, we opted to bite the bullet and made a leap.

On top of all the other titles we’ve added to the mix, there are two new game releases in the store: Abandon All Artichokes, a light vegetable theme card game of dumping unwanted Artichokes and Curios, an economically themed game of tomb raiding for profit.

Warhammer 40,000 Engine War preorder deals are also available, but we’ll cover more on that later.

Jump to the webstore to check them out or keep reading to see all the new titles we’ve added to the mix.



As mentioned above, Abandon all Artichokes is a new card game from our friends at Gamewright about composting a bumper crop of rather adorable artichokes that clutter up a player’s hand. Gamewright has even been kind enough to provide a learn to play-video.

Curios, by AEG on the other hand focuses on economic speculation. As rogue archaeologists, players must figure out black-market demand for the curios they plunder and which regions they opt to focus on.

New Board and Card Games on the Webstore
Abandon All Artichokes
Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Set
Ca$h n’ Guns 2nd Edition
Loot Letter
Rat-a-Tat Cat
Sleeping Queens
Sushi Roll
This War of Mine
Tiny Epic Defenders
Tiny Epic Galaxies
Tiny Epic Kingdoms
Tiny Epic ‘Mechs
Tiny Epic Quest
Tiny Epic Western
Tiny Epic Zombies
Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies
Ultra Tiny Epic Kingdoms