Hey PI-Fans,

With the Circuit Breaker in full swing, we hope you’re all doing well and staying safe. We can’t invite you to the store right now but the Games @ PI team has been working to keep our selection of evergreen titles in stock.

And since we’re all currently trapped in an unfortunate situation where time is something he have a surplus of, we decided to take the opportunity to add some more titles to the range.

In addition we just put up a preorder page for a pair of Limited production Games Workshop miniatures – Terminator Lexicanum Varus and Battle Sister Tariana Palos! Orders close Saturday, April 25th, so if you want them, make sure to lock in those orders.

Take a spin through our website and grab a bunch of word games like Just One and Letter Jam, learn something about yourself and others with That’s A Question, take ride through London and New York with the new Ticket to Ride Cities, engage in a battle of wits with Patchwork or work together to save lives in Flash Point: Fire Rescue.

All these and more are coming to the webstore, so come check them out.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager