It’s A Sale

TLDR: Get an additional 5% cumulative discount with each additional item from participating ranges Hey PI-Fans,We like many things. It comes with running a game store. We figured you like them too.So... Have a promotion on us.Start the hobby or grow an existing collection! On top of your Get up to 20% off* miniatures from the Games Workshop, A Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures Game, Star Wars X-Wing as well as selected Keyforge and Magic: The Gathering products. The more you buy, the greater your discount.Here's how it's going to work.EACH ADDITIONAL PURCHASE BEYOND THE FIRST WILL APPLY A CUMULATIVE 5% DISCOUNT.**In simple terms this mean purchasing 2 participating items nets you a 5% discount on both of them. 3 items gets you a 10% discount and 4 or more gets you a 15% discount off the range items.All this on top of your existing membership discount for a [...]