Hey PI-Fans,

Ignoring the subsequent wave of Roger Roger jokes. Star Wars X-Wing Wave 3 is in, unleashing the forces of the Separatist Alliance and the Galactic Republic onto the table.

Start your Republic squadron with the Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack, then bolster it with the rugged ARC-170 and nimble Delta-7 Aetherspite. Or wreak havoc with the Servants of Strife Squadron Pack, fill out the ranks with swarms of Vulture Droids led by a Sith Infiltrator.

Don’t worry board gamers. We haven’t forgotten you either.

Rory Story Cubes is back in stock along with Comanauts, a new science fiction themed Adventure Book system using the game-play pioneered by Stuffed Fables!

It’s a great weekend for gaming folks, so pop on down and join us!


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