Tiny Trash Panda

Hey PI-Fans, Monday sometimes sneaks up on you like a bewildered raccoon stuck riding a garbage truck. I don't actually know how that analogy works, but it was amusing enough for my brain to want to make it stick. Restocks are in along with some new releases. You know how it works. Come down to the store and give Trash Panda a spin with the staff.  And if you're feeling more cerebral, why not give Spy Club a whirl. In Spy Club, players work together as young detectives to solve neighborhood mysteries. It includes a replayable campaign format, with variable unlocking content, for playing a series of 5 games connected together to tell a larger story. Throughout the campaign, you'll unlock new modules with additional rules and story elements. With 40 new modules and 174 cards in the campaign deck, you can reset everything and play multiple campaigns — with [...]