Extremely Ex-Scything

Hi PI-Fans, Okay. The pun was terrible. Doesn't change the fact that we have Scythe back in stock. Of course, it doesn't stop there, or I wouldn't have made the pun in the first place. Already own Scythe? Time for Rise of Fenris, an all new Scythe expansion built around campaign play for a Scythe style legacy world. Want something lighter? Try My Little Scythe. Yes. My Little Scythe. Anyway. If you were excited about the new Limited run Marvel Cinematic Universe Core Set for Marvel Legendary that arrived last week, maybe smash things up with Marvel Legendary: World War Hulk. And D&D: Dragon Heist, and a hefty slab of new Reaper Bones, Pathfinder Deep Cuts and Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures RPG figurines because we haven't forgotten the role playing crowd either. All good? Then maybe you'll be able to forgive the pun. In Legendary: World War Hulk, the smartest Heroes in the Marvel universe, the Illuminati, [...]