TGIF Yet Again

Hey PI-Fans, What a week it's been. But the flowers are still standing. So, the plan is to get back to doing what we do... which is to fire off a slew of new titles to keep you ready for some weekend gaming. So lets get to it. Hoist the T.I.M.E Agency flag and ready yourselves to cross the high seas with Brotherhood of the Coast, the seventh T.I.M.E Stories expansion. Four seasoned T.I.M.E agents have been sent on a mission in the Caribbean in the 17th century, but contact has been cut off and and your help is needed to track them down. Rally your motley crew and ready yourselves for anything is possible in the waters that await you. Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of  the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Marvel Legendary: 10th Anniversary deck-building card game core set features star-studded, action-packed, iconic imagery pulled directly from Marvel’s collection of [...]