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You’ve spent all day dealing with meddlesome adventurers slaying your monsters and taking your stuff. Now it’s high time you kicked back for an evening at the Black Dragon Depths, the Undercity’s counterpart to The Red Dragon Inn. Drink, gamble and roughhouse with your frenemies. Just remember to keep an eye on your gold, because your tablemates will be trying to take it from you, and if you run out, you’ll be spending the night wandering the dungeon in The Red Dragon Inn: Villains, a standalone spin-off of The Red Dragon Inn.

From the pages of the… wait. Wasn’t this a card game…? In the Sentinel Comics Roleplaying Game, you and your friends play as comic-book heroes – either from the pages of Sentinel Comics or from your own imagination! The Sentinel Comics Roleplaying Game Starter Kit comes with everything you need to play your first entire super-heroic campaign! This starter kit comes with a ton of information and gameplay content including a GM Guide, six pregenerated characters so players can jump straight in and a premade campaign.

Custom Heroes is a card-crafting, climbing trick game in which plastic cards are added to sleeves in order to modify the cards already in those sleeves. The players attempt to win rounds by getting rid of their cards as quickly as possible by playing escalating card sets. However, you also have advancements you can sleeve onto your cards. These may increase or decrease the value of the cards, or even add new abilities, but since all of the cards are reshuffled and dealt to start a new round, the changes you made may end up with someone else (and vice versa).

In Barbarossa and El Alamein, two-to five players command German divisions pushing forward on Moscow and Alexandria respectively. Faced with stiff resistance from Soviet and British armies, players will need to build armies, create strategies and gain support to be able to deploy their troops and attack different key sites on the battlefield. Each victory will gain them victory points which can help them win, not only the war but the game. In the end, the player with the most victory points will be declared the winner.


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The Sentinel Comics Roleplaying Game Starter Kit

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