The Weekly Recap – 21/10/17

Hey PI-Fans, It's been a solid week of stuff flooding into the stores, so it's about time for a recap. For those that missed out, here's a week in the life. And for those following the shipment mishap - we've gotten our Plagueburst Crawlers in finally. Scale the walls… and the titan itself as the Survey Corp takes the fight to invading Titans in Attack on Titan: The Last Stand, using clever placement and planning to avoid the lumbering moves of the Titan… or play as the lumbering brute itself and smash the irritants before they bring you down in this thematic game of bluff and misdirection. Take the thematic betrayal of Betrayal at House on the Hill mechanics and meshing them with the fantasy trappings of one of Dungeons & Dragons most iconic cities! Will your band of adventurers survive in a city most commonly associated with Bhaal, the God [...]