Dice Dice Baby

Hey PI-Fans, If you're up for something mind bendingly fast, you'll probably like Dr. Eureka, a game of high speed decanting as you frantically mix tubes of 'compounds' to attempt to match the layout in Dr. Eureka's notebook. Those who want a frantic action based party game can also look into Happy Salmon, a simple, ultra-fast, very silly card game where players attempt to call out and perform actions on their cards in a bid to discard their hand before any other player. As usual, the regular restocks contain their share of good stuff including Sheriff of Nottingham,  Onitama, Carcassonne, Boss Monster, Imagine... but if I sat down and ran through the list... well... why not check out the table below for details... - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager New Board and Card Game Releases Dr. Eureka Happy Salmon Lanterns: The Emperor's Gift Expansion Board and Card Game Restocks Battle Sheep [...]