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Monday Restocks. Wait…

Hey PI-Fans, How was your New Year break? Feels like I've lost a day and Tuesday is the eternal Monday. Of course, Monday means the inevitable restock shipment showing up unannounced, so hilarity ensues. In this case, this means Codenames, D&D, BANG!, Reaper Miniatures and more Sushi Go... So much Sushi Go... *TWITCH TWITCH* But I digress. Restocks are in, folks. Here's to a great week. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager Board and Card Game Restocks 7 Wonders 7 Wonders Duel Bang! Bang! The Bullet Bang! The Dice Game Citadels Classic Codenames Elder Sign Forbidden Desert Forbidden Stars Grifters Iota Love Letter Sleeping Queens Sushi Go Sushi Go Party Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride Europe Ugly Doll Role Playing Game Restocks Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Masters Guide Dungeons & Dragons: Monster Manual Dungeons & Dragons: Players Handbook Dungeons & Dragons: Volo's Guide to Monsters Reaper Bones RPG Miniatures

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Games @ PI is Hiring

No, we're not actually launching an Antarctic expedition, but we have your attention now, don't we? Hey PI-Fans, It might not be a polar expedition, but Games @ PI is on the lookout for confident, responsible individuals with initiative to join our merry band. Are you interested in taking up a part time or full time position with us? Check out our staff roles and responsibilities and contact us at with your resume. We look forward to hearing from you. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager  

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Lunar New Year Closing Hours

Hey PI-Fans, Happy New Year. With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, the staff will be heading off to spend some well earned time with their friends and families. GAMES @ PI will be closing at 6pm on Friday, 27/1/17 and will remain closed on Saturday, 28/1/17. We resume regular business hours on Sunday, 29/1/17. 27th January - 12:00 pm to 6.00 pm 28th January - CLOSED 29th January - 12:00pm to 10:00pm On behalf of the staff, I'd like to apologize for any inconvenience and wish you a prosperous Year of the Rooster. Or as the Warhammer folks would call it, Year of the Change Chicken. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

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A Regular Reload

Hey PI-Fans, It's been a week of weird weather, all things considered, and given the amount it's been raining of late, we're thankful for the Orchard Gateway underground tunnel providing a nice dry route from Midpoint Orchard to Somerset MRT. Still, we're not going to face down the looming New Year without a cool boxed game or two. I've found it's always good to keep a  pocket sized games or two handy (if only to stave off the inevitable question from relatives about "When is your turn?"). Love Letter mayhaps. Sometimes Coup. The Grizzled, if I'm feeling particularly edgy. Gaming Accessories Tabletop Wargaming: A Designers' and Writers' Handbook (John Lambshead and Rick Priestley) The Civilized Guide to Tabletop Gaming (Teri Litorco) Board and Card Game Restocks Blokus Carcassonne Codenames Codenames Pictures Evolution Forbidden Desert Forbidden Island The Grizzled Lost Cities Machi Koro Machi Koro: The Harbor Machi Koro: Millionaire's Row Pandemic [...]

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I’ll Take “Things With Tentacles” For A Hundred, Alex…

Hey PI-Fans, I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Live long and may the force be ever in your favor. So say we all. Would you like to know more? The horrors of Arkham continue to haunt you in Mansions of Madness: Beyond the Threshold, the first expansion to . Featuring two new investigators, one new monster type, and dozens of cards and tokens, this expansion integrates seamlessly with the existing components and scenarios and adds two brand new scenarios leading to countless hours of suspenseful investigation and thrilling terror. Descend into a world of sleep and splendor with the Eldritch Horror expansion, The Dreamlands. As the realm of dreams leaks into our waking world, you’ll find eight new investigators that stand united against two insidious Ancient Ones: Altach-Nacha the Dreamweaver and Hypnos, the Lord of Sleep. With a massive array of [...]

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Don’t Say Bojio

Due To Popular Demand, We're Extending Our Limpeh Says Preorder... Hey PI-Fans, Ever since we closed our original Limpeh Says Early Bird preorder promotion, we've been getting barraged by requests. So fine... Have it your way... Due to popular demand, we're going to make more irritating Koel noises and reopen the Early Bird promotion for one final run. Come down to the store from now until Sunday, 8th January and place an order at the counter to reserve a copy of Limpeh Says at the previous promotional price of $36. As before, a Games @ PI Membership and Full deposit are required to take advantage of this promotion, and fulfilment will be subject to manufacturer supply. After this, there will be no more Asian Koel noises.

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