Morning PI-Fans, In lieu of the regular manager update, I decided I would announce today's releases in the form of interpretative dance. ... But then I realized how stupid that would have been, which I also suspect to be a sign that the Christmas rush getting to me. So let's not. Anyway, In addition to the regular restocks of all those staples you've grown to know and love like Carcassone, King of Tokyo, The Resistance and Ugly Doll... Plus as a bonus, the staff have been driven half to tears sorting that all new shipment of Reaper Bones miniatures, so that's a thing. Meanwhile... as you can tell from the picture above, Exploding Kittens has an expansion. And it's... well... Imploding Kittens. I guess... And seriously, that box is huge. It has to be to store that Human-sized "Cone of Shame". I wouldn't know personally. After all, there's the possibility I could [...]