Dropfleet Commander Community Event

In conjunction with our official Hawk's Talon, Games @ PI is hosting an official Dropfleet Commander Community Starter Box Tournament on 31st December 2016 at 1030 hrs. We pit the PHR, UCM, Scourge and Shaltari against each other in a void clash of fledgling admirals as they take to the stars. Download the Tournament Pack HERE and register at the EVENT PAGE. ______________________________________________________ It is the year 2672, a time of war on a galactic scale. The mighty battlefleets of the United Colonies of Mankind are ranged against those of the alien Scourge, vile overlords of humanity's once great homelands – the seven Cradle Worlds and Earth itself. The Colonies are on the offensive, the will of an entire species bent on vengeance. This grand endeavour is known as the Reconquest; the greatest military enterprise in the history of mankind. Thousands of ships and millions of soldiers battle for victory in the void and on [...]