Hey PI-Fans,

It’s that time of year again, I guess… after all, the Orchard Road displays are out and everything is bright and shiny and tinsel covered and the store manager is wistfully reminiscing the notch of yet another year under his belt. No time like the present.

No time better for Christmas presents too.

In the lead up to Christmas, we’ve be preparing a number of member retail promotions, and we’re kicking it off with two major ones.

Here we go.

(14th November – 30th November)

Go Big And Go Home

Because home is usually the most comfy place to learn a new game, especially when you’ve just made it better with an expansion or two. Explore an all new dimension to Catan with Traders and Pirates, wander the streets of Machi Koro’s Millionaire’s Row or just escalate the shadow war with a slew of Netrunner datapacks… The options are limitless, after all.

Games @ PI Members get an additional 15% off all board and card game expansions* purchased in the same receipt with the game core set.

Offer applies to standalone expansions purchased with the Core Set.

Finish That Army

Tabletop armies are an ongoing project for many of us. And with the year ending, many of us often find ourselves just that bit short. Perhaps we need to round out a squad. Or add a vehicle. Or maybe a monster or two. Why not finish that project army in time for Christmas, or perhaps get yourself something spiffy to work on at the painting table.

Games @ PI Members get an additional 15% off all Games Workshop miniatures purchased.

* Not applicable to collectable card games.

All Promotional Discounts Capped At 15%