Commencing this July 14th, Games @ PI is happy to announce that we will be supporting the Seasons of War – Age of Sigmar Global Campaign. The Realm of Ghyran is engulfed in war, join your Grand Alliance in this crusade!

Earn a 10% discount off all Games Workshop products for the duration of the campaign just by signing up!

Work your way to a 20% discount off all Games Workshop products by completing the various tasks such as the following to increase your reward!

  • Paint up a Warscroll!
  • Play using a Battleplan!
  • Join us in our Weekend events!

Registration for the campaign begins this July 14th, get a Faction Badge* when you sign up at our store! Games played at our store are not restricted to any format of play. Feel free to play Matched, Narrative or Open Play! Age of Sigmar Game Nights will be on every Thursday, from 6pm till 9pm. Tables will be available for play for the duration of the Age of Sigmar – Season of War: Global Campaign!


Participate in the Campaign Leaderboards to earn exclusive Games Workshop Age of Sigmar tokens and wristbands! Earn points by completing activities!

  • Playing a Game will earn you 1 point on the Leaderboard.
  • Winning a Game will earn you 1 point on the Leaderboard.
  • Painting up a Warscroll will earn you 1 point on the Leaderboard.
  • Posting a Picture of a Model with accompanying Narrative will earn you 1 point on the Leaderboard.
  • Participating in Weekend Events will earn Extra Points.

During the weekends we will be running special events such as Speed Painting Contests or Multiplayer Battles. Mark your calendars for the following events!

  • 16th & 17th  Jul – Triumph and Treachery: Artefact of Ultimate Power (Vanguard Sized/1000pts)
  • 23rd & 24th Jul – Speed Paint Hero (Bring your own Assembled & Primed Model)
  • 30th & 31th Jul – Challenge the Silver Tower
  • 6th & 7th Aug – On the Verdigris Plains (Any Sized Battle)


Every action will determine the fate of the Realm of Ghyran. Do your part in the Season of War!