If You’ve Got ‘Em, Roll ‘Em

Cash out your Games @ PI Wave 1 Voucher Dice by June 30th 2016 Wave 1 Voucher Dice: Sad to see you go... Hey PI-Fans, As previously announced, the validity of the Games @ PI Wave 1 voucher dice will expire on June 30th, 2016. Our Wave One dice will also be leaving circulation, and will not be reproduced... so if you're planning to keep a set for yourself, well they're dice and they roll... In the meantime, the Games @ PI Wave 2 voucher dice (pictured below) are currently available, so keep rolling those sixes! Wave 2 Voucher Dice: 100% Fat and Carbohydrate Free!*   * Games @ PI will  not be held responsible for any wave 2 dice being used as a calorie substitute. Please do not eat the dice.