Now Is The Winter Of Our Disco Tent

Hey PI-Fans, Don't forget it's the last day of our May the 4th Star Wars Day sale! Restocks are in as well, and we've refreshed some of those titles you've been clamoring over. Dead of Winter, for instance. Pandemic and all it's expansions too. Takenoko. Mascarade. Catan. Once Upon A Time. Dixit and it's expansions too. We've also refreshed our RPG Shelf with restocks for Pathfinder, Shadowrun and D&D 5E as well.   – Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager ______________________________________________ Board and Card Game Restocks Bang! The Card Game Bang! The Dice Game Catan and Expansions Dead of Winter Descent: Journeys In The Dark 2nd Edition Diplomacy Dixit and Expansions Five Tribes Pandemic and Expansions Machi Koro and Expansions Mascarade and Expansion Munchkin Quest Takenoko and Expansion Role Playing Game Restocks D&D RPG Core Rulebook and Supplements Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook and Supplements Shadowrun RPG Core Rulebook and Supplements