Game Nights @ PI : Splendor

Games @ PI is hosting a Splendor Game Night On 4th May 2016 Hey PI-Fans, The Games @ PI staff will be cracking out Space Cowboy's award winning Splendor on Wednesday, 4th May 2016. Never played Splendor before? The Games @ PI staff will be on hand to walk you through the game. We'll also be handing out a limited edition promo tile to each participant, so come down to Games @ PI and play this award winning game with our friendly staff. In Splendor, take on the role of a Renaissance merchant and purchase the most profitable mines, the most efficient means of transportation and the most illustrious jewelry shops in order to acquire more prestige than your opponents. The more prestigious you are, the more likely you are to allure a noble - whose visit will only gain you even more prestige. The most prestigious jeweler at the end of the game wins! [...]