X-Wing: Captain Crash

Hey PI-Fans, Enjoy the X-Wing Miniatures game? Well... try your hand at the Games @ PI casual events - ever so often we get bored and roll out some really weird rule sets. Our next event is coming up on the 9th of January, so those poor fools above had better work on fixing that TIE. If what both the X-Wing flight-sims and the miniature game taught us holds true, CRASHING = BAD. Of course, on the other hand, setting up someone to crash with you is... slightly more entertaining. Captain Crash is a casual X-Wing event where scoring kills is... slightly less important than causing people to hit you... So. Strap in folks. It's gonna be bumpy. ______________________________________________________ Event Date: 9th Jan 2016, 2 pm. Fleet Construction: Bring a Fleet containing no more than 3 ships with a final pointage of not more that 75 points. All ships must be from the same faction. No player may field more [...]