Games @ PI Auction Item List

Sealed Bid Auction

Hey PI-Fans,

Items have been flowing in for the Games @ PI auction at an astounding rate, and we’ve seen a good spread of Card Games, Board Games, RPGs and Miniatures. And don’t forget – if you’re planning to clear your closets, we’re still open to auction contributions at the store until the 7th of August.

We’ll be making more announcements over this week in the leadup to the bidding itself. Here’s a peek into what’s going under the hammer.

Board & Card Games
Role Playing Games
Scale Model Kits
Print Novels

See anything you or your friends world like? Don’t forget to bid when the auction opens on the 10th of August!

3/8/16 EDIT: We’ve updated the list yet again with another batch of auction items.

4/8/16 EDIT: More items, just appeared, including some hard to find miniatures!

5/8/16 EDIT: Board Games, Card Games and Miniature Games Galore. And there’s more coming too!

10/8/16 EDIT: And we’re done. Malifaux, Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, RPGs, Board Games… EVERYTHING.

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