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December Games Workshop Bundle!

With the holidays here, it's a good time for some of us to get back in touch with our hobbies! Games Workshop has a few bundles up for grab and we would like to help you save too! Order the bundles directly through us and save yourself an additional 10%! Hurry up though! The closing date for our promotion is December 14th, 2015. Check with our staff for more information. The following bundles can be ordered through us; Tau Empire Retaliation Cadre S$312 S$281 Stormcast Eternals Expansion Set S$300 S$270 Khorne Bloodbound Expansion Set S$300 S$270 Seraphon Thunderbeast Host S$300 S$270 Citadel Project Paint Box S$300 S$270 Relicos Militarum S$360 S$324 Space Marine Battle Demi-Company S$324 S$292 Adeptus Mechanicus Battle Maniple S$312 S$281 Adeptus Mechanicus Elimination Maniple S$216 S$194 Chaos Dreadhold Helfort S$420 S$378

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Betrayal at Calth Painting Log Part 1

Kew's Painting Log  Hi everyone, today I’m going to show all of you that painting can be done in three simple steps, Washing, Over brushing and Dry brushing. Those that follow these steps will be able to paint decently enough, even for beginners. First of all, you need to undercoat the miniature it with a primer. Primer is a coating layer that helps ensure that the paint stick on the miniature and does not fall off easily. For beginners, I would recommend priming it either black or white.  The reason I primed it [the model] white is because I’ll be painting it yellow for the base colour. As yellow is a bright colour, priming it black may not be a good idea because it will cause the model to look duller after painting a bright colour on a black surface. Now the issue with a white undercoat is that it [...]

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