Games Workshop Inter-Store Painting Contest

While the war rages on in the Realm of Life, the rest of us at Games @ PI would like to announce that we are participating in the Games Workshop Age of Sigmar Inter-Store Painting Contest! Earn bonus Warpoints for your favorite Faction and stand a chance to win exclusive Games Workshop swag.

In order to be eligible, you will need to submit a model in one of the four categories below:

  1. Leaders (Models with the Hero keyword and <70mm base size)
  2. Behemoth (All models, inclusive of Hero, with the Monster keyword)
  3. Artillery
  4. Battleline (Units with a minimum of 3 models)

You can only submit one entry per category, although you’re free to participate in all categories.

The top two entries from each category will have their models sent to the official Warhammer – Red House for final judging. The winner will be walking away with exclusive artworks and more!

The results for the finals will be announced on August 9th, 2016. The winners must be present at Warhammer – Red House to receive the prize.

PI Day!

Hello PI-Fans!

We’re celebrating PI Day this Friday, 22nd July, with a bunch of PIES! We would like to invite you to our store to have some delicious pies and celebrate board games with us.

Chicken Pie
Pies shown may vary in size and contents

We’re also offering a 5% discount for Magic: The Gathering Eldritch Moon Booster Box only on this Friday**!

**In the event that we run out of boxes, you can still place an order with us on the day itself to get the discount.

Aside from that we would also like to invite you to join us in the Shadows Over Innistrad/Eldritch Moon Draft at 7 pm this Friday! Entry fee is $20 and stand a chance to win up to 3 Booster Packs!