Games @ PI On The House!

Interested in looking for new ways to host an event? Come play board games with us! Unlike the usual Monopoly or Scrabble our wide selection of board games are capable of providing a unique sense of bonding for you and your participants. Our staff is more than capable at hosting the games; all that’s required from you is to sign up with us. What we can provide: A conducive environment for your events Friendly staff capable of hosting the games A range of games that are great at building team work and bonding All that for free*! Selection of games include but are not limited to: Resistance Machi Koro Splendor Ticket to Ride And many more! Interested in looking for a space for host your events? Contact us at! Games @ PI is able to offer you the space, as well as the games, to keep you entertained for free**. *While it is free to utilize [...]