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Dian Dynasty! The Stalker crawls out!

Hello!! Finally, I started on the Triarch Stalker model. It was quite difficult doing this model when it comes to assembling it. One feature I like about this model was that I can move the two front big legs of the Triarch Stalker. Also, I like that I have choices to assemble a gun design to my liking and attach it to the model. Previously, I used one of the pieces from the gun pieces and put it on the Necron Warrior’s gun because the one I need was missing. […]

By |2016-04-12T12:03:12+08:00April 12th, 2016|News|


Hey guys. I am back and this week, the Deff Dread is almost complete. Next week, all the Orkz will be ready for battle, and itz time to see who wins the battle. Will it be The Orkz or the Necrons?

By |2016-04-07T13:23:23+08:00April 7th, 2016|News|

The Call has been Answered! Call of Chaos Winners

++ Thought For The Day: Know the Heretic; Kill the Heretic. ++ == CALIPH SENDS GREETING === The Traitor has many forms and you must know them all.  Nevertheless, there are those we must seek above all others, for the servants of the Archenemy gather and our vigilance must not be found wanting. The threats identified below have been deemed Threat Level Extremis , and their termination has been deemed Prioris Alpha. Identify them. Destroy them. The council has spoken. In the Emperor’s Name. === MY ARMOUR IS CONTEMPT === The Dark Gods have called and their Champions have answered. We congratulate the winners of our Call of Chaos Hobby Contest and thank all participants for their amazing entries. Here you can see the Exalted Champion that impressed us! Daemonette possessed chopper with a Harlequin captive by Zheng Han John And here’s the Aspiring Champion that the public [...]

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The Dian Dynasty! The Lord has Arrived!

Hello! I have been doing the scarabs and overlord for the 4th week. I finished painting both models in one week. Well, I prefer painting the "Necron Overlord" and "Canoptek Scarabs" since it is easier than painting the army of "Necron Warriors". As you can see, the overlord armor shield has more gold on it compared to the warriors and scarabs. For the 5th week, I will start on my Triarch Stalker. See you then!

By |2016-04-05T12:41:07+08:00April 5th, 2016|News|

The Dian Dynasty! The Scouring begins

“It seems the galaxy has forgotten us, looks like a reminder is due” For the third week, I focused on painting the base and gun for the Necrons warrior models. I purposely painted some parts of the gun blue on the edges and front. This is to make it look the design of the gun is part of the warrior’s dynasty group. The base for the models is made to look ground dirt. […]

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"It's gonna hurt a lot, but you'll be better! You'll see! Ha Ha HA HA!" Hui Shan here! This week, I am back with the update of the Nobs, and the Painboy. Look forward to the Deff Dread next week!

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Dian Dynasty! The Warriors arise!

  Rejoice, for we have returned and your days are at an end. Hello, this is Dian! For the second week, I focused on painting the head, armour and joints for my Necrons. Previously, I finished painting the base colours on the Necrons. I added shadows and highlights on the blue colour body armour. I used “Teclis Blue” as my base colour, blending it with “Lothern Blue” for the highlights and “Macragge Blue” for the shadows. At this part, I had to use a thin layer brush to paint on the areas that were difficult to reach because of the small space in between the gun and the body. […]

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Hit 'em hard, Hit 'em low and give 'em plenty of Dakka! Hey guys. I'm back with an update for this week. Now that I am done with the Boyz, itz time to stick em to their bases and they will be ready for the battle with the Necrons of the Dian Dynasty. Next up, the Ork Nobs...

By |2016-03-16T12:26:08+08:00March 16th, 2016|News|

Dian Dynasty! The Necrons of Warhammer 40,000

Hi, my name is Dian and I will be starting doing on Necrons model. This is a first time for me to do this activity. I feel like Necrons will be the easier model for me to assemble and paint it compared to other models. I first started off reading the codex to know about the race before working on the models. In summary, Necrons are an ancient race of skeleton looking robots who awakens from a deep sleep and have come back to fight and reclaim the galaxy from the younger races. I will be painting these models in the Nihilakh dynasty colour scheme but with just slight changes on the model here and there. […]

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