Last Minute Shopping: Mooncake Master

Hey PI-Fans! Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up really soon, and with that comes the scramble to get tasty mooncakes. While you're out getting your treats, why not pick up a box of Mooncake Master too, so you can play with mooncakes while you eat mooncakes! Mooncake Master is a 2-6 player set collection/draft game, by local designer Daryl Chow. Perfect for a last minute purchase, Mooncake Master is a simple to learn game that serves as a good gift for anyone, including yourself. In the box are a customer cards, a scoreboard and tokens to keep track of score, reminder cards, and many pieces of mooncakes, waiting to be made whole by expert hands! You are given three pieces of mooncakes to choose from, taking one and passing one to the person on your left, and the other to your right. These pieces will then form your three mooncakes! [...]