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Prepare to Die

Hi PI-Fans, Bearer, Seek, Seek, Lest.. Journey into the Dark Souls™ universe and dive into a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players. With multiple difficulty modes and a high-level of replayability, this is a game designed to be deep enough to satisfy hard-core tabletop gamers whilst remaining accessible to newer players. Go Beyond Death Each time you decide where to go, you will experience a new danger as you explore, with each new location a real risk to your hard-won progress. If you die, then you drop everything you have collected and reappear at the nearest bonfire. Join us on 18th October and try it out for the first time. And together we shall face the Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough or dance with The Dancer of the Boreal Valley or die trying. Only Embers Remain...

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Party On…

Never Split the Party… Unless Someone is the Traitor! Hey PI-Fans, Welcome back to Baldur's Gate, brave adventurers! Welcome back indeed, since Betrayal at Baldur's Gate is now available at Games @ PI. Take the thematic betrayal of Betrayal at House on the Hill mechanics and meshing them with the fantasy trappings of one of Dungeons & Dragons most iconic cities! Will your band of adventurers survive in a city most commonly associated with Bhaal, the God of Murder? Can you and your party survive the madness, or will you succumb to the mayhem and put the laughter in slaughter? Here's a little piece of Trivia. Despite it's fame in Computer RPG history, only about a third of the series took place in and around the titular city.

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