Run or Die

Hey PI-Fans, The 27th of April is release day, and Netrunner: Terminal Directive is here to provide all new ways for Corporations and Runners to make each other's lives miserable with 86 Corporation cards and 77 Runner cards. Plus, jump into the all new rules for Campaign Play as you and a friend go head to head in an evolving campaign as you race to uncover the conspiracy behind a mysterious  bioroid murderer. That's not all, of course. Elder Sign gets a  day in the sun when we set sail for the Pacific while Elder Sign: Omens of the Deep latches it's squamous tentacles on the deck. It's a one way trip to R'lyeh, bold adventurers, and you're invited along for the ride... Being a Mythos themed game, you'd be crazy to turn it down. And being crazy, the Elder Sign: Grave Consequences expansion has you covered too, with all new Phobias for your [...]