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20… 10… 5… and TOUCHDOWN!!

Blood Bowl Season is Coming soon! Hi PI-Fans! Prepare for a combination of strategy, tactics, and absolute mindless violence. Cause the new Blood Bowl is released this weekend. Come down and join in the Tryouts on the 3rd of December! If Fantasy Football is not quite your speed. We've got other choices for you. Try to survive against Hordes of Zombies and the Harsh Frigid Elements with your "friends" in Dead of Winter: The Long Night or overcome the Madness of the Mysterious Elder Gods in Eldritch Horror. With the Holiday Season, comes Holiday Gifts! Share the fun of Classics such as Ticket to Ride or Catan with Friends and Family. Or work out your detective mind with games like Resistance and One Night: Ultimate Werewolf. Get all these and more Today at Games@PI -- Vernon,       

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A Lead Up To Christmas

Hey PI-Fans, It's that time of year again, I guess... after all, the Orchard Road displays are out and everything is bright and shiny and tinsel covered and the store manager is wistfully reminiscing the notch of yet another year under his belt. No time like the present. No time better for Christmas presents too. In the lead up to Christmas, we've be preparing a number of member retail promotions, and we're kicking it off with two major ones. Here we go. PHASE ONE: (14th November - 30th November) Go Big And Go Home Because home is usually the most comfy place to learn a new game, especially when you've just made it better with an expansion or two. Explore an all new dimension to Catan with Traders and Pirates, wander the streets of Machi Koro's Millionaire's Row or just escalate the shadow war with a slew of Netrunner datapacks... The options [...]

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Think Inside The Box

Hey PI-Fans, Those who have been following our page will have noticed the existence of the box in a previous announcement. Well, keep tabs on our ANNOUNCEMENT PAGE to check out the Splendor Quality of Life bundle and the Warhammer 40,000 Unrelenting Hunt formation deals of the day. – Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

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Off To Hide In Middle Earth…

Hi PI-Fans, Restocks are in, and I'm off the Middle Earth with the Adventures in Middle Earth Players Guide for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. On top of that, we've got new releases including the Attack on Titan Deck Building Game, Grifters Deck Building Game and the Cease and Desist expansion for Smash Up. On top of that, another stock of Reaper Bones just arrived, along with restocks of Coup, Imperial Assault, Tsuro, Super Fight and Zombie Dice. So yeah. I'm off to Middle Earth with my RPG group. See you in New Zealand, folks! - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager ______________________________________________ New Board and Card Game Releases Attack on Titan: The Deck Building Game Grifters Royals Smash Up: Cease & Desist Board and Card Game Restocks Catan and Expansions Codenames Codenames: Pictures Coup Coup: Reformation Imperial Assault Machi Koro Mansions of Madness 2E Munchkin and Expansions Super Fight Tsuro [...]

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What’s In The Box

Hey PI-Fans, There's a strange white box above the Game Shelter shelf. What's in it? We're not quite sure either...  It tends to change from day-to-day, as an appeasement to our fickle natures. THE BOX usually contains something. While it lasts, anyway. And if you think I'm being unnecessarily cryptic, you're probably right. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager ----------------------------------------------- Good hunting folks.

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Delivery Days

Hey PI-Fans, Never a dull day in this office. As usual Kenneth's Law of Shipment Attraction strikes, dropping both the stack of new stuff and the restock shipments right on our doorstep at the same time. Running and screaming ensues. But enough about that. You came for the games. You won't be disappointed. We're off to Westeros again with the arrival of Lions of Casterly Rock for the Game of Thrones LCG and the all new board game The Iron Throne. The cyberpunk inclined will also be able to grab a launch day copy (03/11/16) of  Netrunner: Intervention for their decks. In addition, we've also got the 7 Wonders Duels: Pantheon expansion for 7 Wonders Duels as well the all new Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails edition of the classic train game. Restocks means  Mr. Meeseeks Box 'o Fun is back on our shelves along with Mansions of Madness 2E and it's expansions. Catan [...]

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