Warhammer Blog Post #5: Movement Tray and Bases by Shermin

In the previous post, I completed painting the torso for my Chaos Warriors. Now, it is time for their movement tray and bases!

Firstly, I got myself the modular movement tray from Games Workshop. These trays are pretty solid as you can customize them to fit the size of your rank and file units. Only downside is that you got to do a little DIY, but I don’t mind that. I imagine my Chaos Warriors mobilizing in blocks of 25, so I will build my movement tray to that size.

The modular movement trays are double-sided; one side for 20mm base infantry models, and the other side for 25mm base infantry models. My Chaos Warriors are mounted on 25mm bases so I used the side for 25mm bases.

I cut the modular movement tray to shape, 5 models wide by 5 models deep. Then I cut the raised edges to match the size of the movement tray and glued them on. And this is what I got:

Before Flexmetal

After Flexmetal

You guys remembered that I added magnets to the bottom of my bases? Well, this is where flexmetal sheets come in. I cut the flexmetal to size and stuck it onto the modular movement trays. Now my bases will stick to my movement trays! This will come in handy as I can move my entire block of Chaos Warriors without them dropping out of the trays. In fact, I can pack them into my sponge transport bags attached to the movement trays, ready for battle at a moment’s notice!

Next up are the bases. I plastered Black Lava Pumice all over the top of them. I normally do this before I go to bed as they take a pretty long while to harden. After they harden, the bases will appear to have a rough sandy surface albeit black in color.

I paint them Bestial Brown, and then drybrush over them with Khaki from the Game Colour series.

After all that, I stuck the torsos of the Chaos Warriors onto their individual bases. Following that, I stuck on some Wilderness Tuft from the Army Painter: Battlefield series and I’m done!


+ =

Below is a shot of the whole gang marching in formation on their movement tray (without arms and heads)!

Hope this little update is useful to you guys. Next up, I will be trying to give my Chaos Warriors some upper limbs and heads so that they can finally go to battle!

Till next time…

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