Shermin’s Blog #7: A Viking Goes to Seoul

After a month hiatus (due to family trip to Korea followed by exam leave and then a recall to serve the nation), I am finally back!

As mentioned, I went on a family trip to Korea and guess, who followed along for the trip? That’s right. A Chaos Warrior.

His name is Lars Wulfrik and he is not shy in front of the camera.

This is a picture of Wulfrik in the hotel room. Being a viking, he gets a bed while my bro and I had to share the other one…

Having landed in Seoul in the middle of the night, we managed to sneak in a couple of nice shots of the city with the street lights on.

Taken from inside a deli. Apparently, Wulfrik likes pastries.

We roamed around the Namdaemun market area the next day. You can get all kinds of souvenirs there at pretty cheap prices. In fact, this is where I got stuff for my work colleagues. When it was my parents’ turn to look for souvenirs, Wulfrik grabbed this opportunity to take a picture.

I had to lend Wulfrik some Korean won so that he could get souvenirs for his brothers. I do not expect to get my money back…

A couple of days later, we went to a replica historical village. It was pretty educational and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. And once again, I had to take a picture of Wulfrik lest he stab me with his rusty blade…

Wulfrik exercised great restraint in not plundering this village.

Later that day, we grew hungry and headed back to Seoul and into a restaurant to eat (left unnamed so as to protect their confidentiality… and not expose them to the other Chaos Warriors). To our horror, the waitress dished out bread as the appetizer (did I mention that Wulfrik likes pastries?).

So Wulfrik had a ball of a time feasting on the bread while the staff at the restaurant was kept busy refilling.

Note to self: Do not ever show any form of pastry to Wulfrik ever again. Wulfrik is now dubbed the Pastry Slayer.

Finally, it was time to say farewell to Seoul. I enjoyed the weather (and lack of humidity) and the random sights and sounds. I would not mind going back there again. And I am sure Wulfrik would not mind either.

Wulfrik at the departure hall. He cried after I took this picture, but don’t tell him I said that.

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