Shermin Blog #8: Achtung! Heavy Panzer Walker

I had been resisting the urge to buy the Dust Tactics Heavy Panzer Walker for more than a month now. And with the release of Dust Warfare, that task was made even harder. So it is little surprise that during my first day back at the store, I ended up returning home with a Heavy Panzer Walker in tow.

The Heavy Panzer Walker *drool*

As I unboxed the Walker, I was pretty darn impressed at the design and details of the individual components. And sure it comes in a single flat color but it is not the typical sticky plastic feel or super glossy finish that turns me away from pre-painted miniatures. It has a nice matte feel to it which implies that it can be painted over.

The Heavy Panzer Walker unboxed

The stat cards. Pretty!

The stuff that goes on the back of the Walker hull

The walker itself (rear view)

The walker itself (side view)

Da AA Guns! Budda budda budda…

The guns that flatten enemy walkers

As I have said earlier, the individual components are pretty well-detailed: piping, cables, tubes, support struts, nuts and bolts, all these add up to make the individual components  look impressive on its own. Hell, even the stat cards makes me wanna drool a little!

And when fully assembled, what you get is a BEAST!

After playing around with the walker for a bit, the hobbyist in me started to stir. So instead of being content with how the walker turned out, the hobbyist in me wants to magnetize and paint this model.

The first thing I will do is magnetize the walker, so do look forward to some magnetizing action in my next post!

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