Dungeoneer Review by Da Bear

Dungeoneer is an oldie but a goodie. It’s one of the first dungeon crawl games that I picked up when we first started up at PI.

The premise for Dungeoneer is simple: pick a character, enter the dungeon, complete the three quests, kill the monsters along the way, and whoever completes the quests first wins.

Set up is fairly simple:

Players pick a Character, draw two Quest cards (these are their own quests which they need to complete), and draw five Adventure cards.

A sample round goes like this:

1.      Reset – Reset all Traps and Exits. Check for cards in use and see if any need to be discarded.
2.     Dungeonlord Phase – Players use this phase to play Peril cards on other players. Based on how much peril a player has accumulated, players can choose to play Peril cards equal to that player to force him to fight monsters etc. Unlike Munchkin, you cannot play Peril on yourself.
3.    Build Phase – A player puts down a Dungeon card, basically increasing the size of the dungeon to explore.
4.     Hero – “It’s Hero time!” A player can move his/her Character around the dungeon, play cards in hand, and attempt to complete a quest.
5.     Discard/Draw – If you have cards in hand, discard one of them, one Treasure card from your inventory, or one Encounter card from your pack.

So, why do I enjoy Dungeoneer?

Let’s see. It’s a simple card game.  Easy to carry around, set up and play. It handles well with 2-4 players and maintains a certain degree of ‘evilness’ in that you have to play Peril cards at other players. You get to level your character up. Get loot, kill monsters.  In short, it has all the things that most hack and slash players would want in a game.

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