7 Wonders: Manneken Pis Promo

As announced on our Twitter Feed, we’re offering up copies of the limited edition “Manneken Pis”  promo Wonder for  7 Wonders for customers who purchase either 7 Wonders and an expansion or two expansion sets for 7 Wonders, valid while supplies last.

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However, there’s a minor wrinkle with the promo – people have been asking us what the delicious looking alcoholic drink symbol means, especially since it does not appear in the any of the 7 Wonders rulebooks. Since the card did not come with explanations, the Games @ PI staff did our homework.

Side B of the Manneken Pis Wonder card has the following bonus power:

STAGE 1: The player gains 7 gold, 7 victory points, 1 shield and has the right to get a well-chilled beer from who-ever wins the game.

Need proof of what is arguably the best power ever?


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Paradigm Reviews: BattleTech

“This is the Inner Sphere – thousands of planets colonized by humankind. Once it was united under the Star League, but for the last three hundred years, it has been consumed by savage wars…”


It is the year 3039 and man is once again at war.  The battlefield of the 21st century is dominated by BattleMechs, plodding multi-ton walkers carrying the firepower of an entire platoon. At the helms of these devastating war machines are ‘MechWarriors; neo-feudal heirs to the Knights of old, and the very earth trembles at their passage.


BattleTech is at its core, a full-blown tactical combat wargame with each miniature representing an individual BattleMech. Each BattleMech possesses has differing levels of armor, speed, weapons and heat dissipation and most have differing roles on the table ranging from lumbering Assault platforms to speedy Strikers (which encourage certain unique play styles). It’s unabashedly ‘crunchy’ tactical mechanics might turn some off but others may find this to be a good thing – different strokes for different folks.


Compared to previous iterations, Catalyst has pulled out all the stops with the new box set. Crammed into the box is a full-colour Quick-Start rule set designed to ease players into the game. Next comes a glossy full-colour Introductory Rulebook containing the meat and potatoes of the box set. Following that out of the box is another full-colour Universe primer, serving as a gateway into the rich fiction of the BattleTech universe. They’ve even included a quick painting and tactics guide leaflet which walks a player through the value of long-ranged units, utilising terrain as cover, flanking, heat management and more. Crammed in there are two double sided maps – printed on sturdy board-game style cardstock and twenty-six plastic BattleMechs.


Each turn of BattleTech is built around a “I Go, You Go” turn sequence of alternating activation in contrast to other wargames where one player can complete a full uninterrupted turn. Both sides alternate moving their ‘Mechs, then firing with their ‘Mechs and then record damage.  Unlike many similar wargames, there are no fixed to-hit numbers in BattleTech – a stationary 100 ton Atlas Assault ‘Mech is as easy to hit as a stationary 25 ton Commando Recon ‘Mech. Instead, the difficulty of hitting a target is based on range, terrain and also how fast the target is moving when the shot is fired. This aspect makes the movement phase hugely important, since clever maneuvering can maximize a BattleMech’s field of fire while simultaneously disadvantaging an opponent.


BattleTech’s possesses an extremely detailed damage record system which tracks the functionality of individual components within a ‘Mech. While BattleMechs might endure extreme punishment, there is a layer of verisimilitude, as heavy auto-cannon rounds and PPCs impacts sheer of limbs and shotgun style spreads of missiles chewing through internal systems. In turn, everything a ‘Mech does (including moving) produces ‘heat”, and if it overloads a BattleMech’s heat dissipation, it builds up. Waste heat degraded BattleMech performance, and can trigger incredibly destructive effects. Since a BattleMech often generates far more heat than it can safely dissipate via heat sinks, players are forced into a Catch-22 situation and forced to balance their options rather than running forward at full speed firing all weapons.


I’m not going to sugar-coat it; like or lump it, for better or worse, BattleTech hasn’t changed much. Some might argue that when compared to an era of abstract fast-rolling, high casualty war games, BattleTech is showing its age. More power to them.


BattleTech was unapologetically never meant to be that kind of game.


Like an endless rabbit hole, the draw in BattleTech is in finding your comfort zone in the setting itself. A player may embrace strategic level operations replete with combined arms operations, air-support and orbital bombardment. Another may cling to single ‘Mech duels. Some players gleefully embrace the space opera setting of the Clan War. Others take comfort in the neo-chivalry of the Succession Wars era. A player may embrace the nihilism of the Word of Blake Jihad or seek comfort in the glory of the Star League. It all lies in the hands of the player.


Since its inception in 1984, the BattleTech universe has seen its ups and downs. From highs like the ‘MechWarrior and ‘MechCommander PC games to absolute lows like the legal scuffle over artwork and company closures, BattleTech has endured much.


And 30 years late, it’s still here.


That has to count for something.



Reviewer’s Verdict


  • Combat system rewards tactical thinking and manoeuvring
  • Unit construction system allows customization or even designing new BattleMechs
  • Rich BattleTech fictional universe
  • Box set can be used as a standalone or as a jump off point for advanced rules
  • 26 High-Quality Plastic BattleMechs and Board Game Quality Components




  • Rules require time to learn with a number of specific exceptions
  • Record keeping and mechanics may be a turn off
  • Number of combat modifiers may be problematic for those used to rules-light systems







X-Wing Miniatures Sept Mini-League

Hey everyone!

We’re having an X-Wing Miniatures Mini-League in September!


Sept 20-21 (Sat, Sun)

Sept 27-28 (Sat, Sun)

Just $5 to join!

Check out the rules and league conditions here: X-WING MINI LEAGUE v1.2 UPDATED 2/9


These are the door prizes


photo 1

And these are the WINNER PRIZES!photo 2


Schrodinger’s Shipment


Time also proceeds a great deal slower in the Warp than in the material universe, creating a form of stasis. In real time, journeys can take months or even years, though to the crew and passengers only weeks seem to pass in the Warp.
- The Warhammer 40K Lexicanum on the “Imperium” -


We have been informed (or not informed in this case) of tracking information on the incoming Games Workshops shipment by our supplier. Without shipping information, we can neither confirm, nor deny that said shipment in en-route.

Due to this information deficit, we cannot guarantee that the Grey Knights release will release on time.



Due to this, Games @ PI will extend its pre-order period (and promotion) until arrival of the shipment is confirmed.

Also, as thanks to our members who pre-ordered items from this shipment, we will up the pre-order discount of items in this shipment by an additional 5% should their items not arrive by release date.

- The Games @ PI Staff -

Games Workshop Pre-Orders – Aug 18, 2014

Hey all!

The Grey Knights are coming back! Place your orders with our store to ensure you get the hot new releases!

Only members get to pre-order! Sign up and be a member with our store today!


Store Order Form – Pi GW 2014-180814 PDF

New Releases for Games Workshop – Aug 16, 2014

Hey all! These are the new releases for this week!

Grab them at the retail store today!

New Board Games – Aug 13, 2014

Hey all! We received a shipment of new cool stuff! Check out the pics






We Always Knew Space Wolves Were Dangerous…



It’s long been known that the sons of Russ prefer to fight on the ground. As we’ve discovered, apparently the reason is that it’s too dangerous to let them fly


As a result of the “hazardous materials irregularity”, we do not expect timely delivery of Games Workshop products scheduled for release on Saturday, 02/08/14.

We are working with Games Workshop to resolve these difficulties and will keep you informed if there are any further developments.

- The Games @ PI Staff

The PI Warehouse Sale Survival Guide – For 2 Aug


Hi everyone, tomorrow’s event WILL BE EPIC.

SO EPIC, it might turn into a WARZONE.

So we’re modifying our survival guide for round 2:



1. We WILL NOT be selling water, because the canteen auntie will be selling drinks on level 1

We’ve told our friendly warehouse canteen auntie that we’re expecting a HUGE turnout for tomorrow. She will be selling the usual favorites of Kopi, Teh, softdrinks and etc.



2. Please group purchases with others. So we can let in a group of people at 1 go.

Eg. 10 of you in the queue pool money together so we can collect $480 at one go, give out 10 bags and let 10 people into the sale!!



3. Cash payment is faster than NETS. To get into the sale faster, please bring exact amounts of cash

If you can bring exact amounts of $48 and $28, it helps you get into the sale faster! We will be processing payments by pen and paper so this will help make the queue go faster.



4. Girls, please wear jeans/ pants. Because we’ve put boxes on the floor. You will need to squat to reach items.

We’ve freed up some space and placed boxes on the floor so you can dig around and find stuff.


FAQ – 1/8/2014


Q: $48 bag deal: So I can put ANYTHING into the bag and it will be $48?

A: Yes! As long as the bag does not tear, its good. We will allow the bag to have stretch marks and stuff sticking out.


Q: $48 bag deal: Oh no! I realized I’ll need more $48 bags, can I buy them at the cashier?

A: Yes you can! Just pass us $48 and we’ll jot it down and pass you another bag.


Q: $48 bag deal: These items don’t have a price, who do I look for to check price?

A: Assorted stuff that can’t fit in a bag, we’ll just randomly call a price at the cashier.


Q: $28 BYO Bag deal: Won’t people from the $48 deal be camping in the room to wait for the $28 deal? That’s not fair for those going for the $28 deal right? 

A: We’ll be starting our BYO Bag deal at 4pm, for those wanting to enter the room again for this deal will be forced to re-queue outside again. Think of it as a theme park ride, you want to ride the Ubercoaster again, you’ll have to queue for it again.


Q: $28 BYO Bag deal: Is there a size limit for the bag? Can I bring like an army back pack?

As long as the bag has NO WHEELS. We will allow it. Please note its $28 PER ENTRY so yes, you *can* bring any amount of bags. if the room is cleared out of stuff by 4.30pm… tough luck to the rest of the guys waiting in the queue. 




Warehouse Sale: The Clearance

Happening THIS SATURDAY, Aug 2nd





1/8/2014 – MOAR PICTURES

IMG_2496 IMG_2497 IMG_2498 IMG_2499 IMG_2500 IMG_2501


31/7/2014 – Pictures!

IMG_2404 IMG_2405 IMG_2407


A few changes:

1. Time is from 10am – 6pm.

10am – 3pm is $48 bag deal. Pay $48 per bag. Stuff it with ANYTHING (not just comics, include sleeves, novels etc.) You can buy as many $48 bags as you like.

IMG_2183 IMG_2184

For $48 bag deal (10am – 3pm) : if there are items that can’t fit in the bag, they’ll be at FULL US Retail Price. Eg. If book says US$19.90, it’ll cost SG$19.90

Loose fiction novels are $2 for thin/small books, $5 for thicker/ larger books.



4pm – 6pm is BYO bag deal. Pay $28, stuff your bags with EVERYTHING YOU CAN FILL IN IT. You are allowed as many bags as you can bring, as long as you can lug it out of the room. (just leave our tables there. Thanks) NO DRAG BAGS, TROLLEYS and LUGGAGES ALLOWED. We WILL NOT permit you entry if you bring these for the 4pm promo.

2. Items available are Comics, Graphic Novels, Sleeves, Fiction and Game Books. No board games, card games and miniatures.

3. We’re getting you guys to queue out into the stairwell and not double back in the corridor, this is so y’all can get more ventilation. If the queue gets too long, we will need people to climb the stairs to enter level 3 as the queue may block the lift entrance.

4. Cashiers will be at the front: They’ll collect money at the entrance and collect payment for oversized books/ give price checks.


How to get here
Street Directory.com directions


Public Transport
Bus No.s: 25, 45, 51, 55, 55A, 87, 93, 94, 854
From Eunos MRT Station (East West Line)
From Eunos MRT station: Take Bus 93 OR 94 at Bus Interchange.
Stop outside Comfort Delgro Driving Centre
Cross the road at pedestrian crossing on the right and head in through the small side door of Eunos Warehouse Complex (has big orange signboard nearby)

Street Parking within Eunos Warehouse Complex is VERY LIMITED. You can park by the roadside too.

When you’re at Eunos Warehouse Complex
Find BAY 4 in Eunos Warehouse Complex and enter the lift to Level 3. Find Unit 03-08. We will have lots of signs everywhere too.



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