New Year, New Toys

Happy New Year, PI-Fans,

And welcome to 2016. Or given I’m posting this via remote upload, greetings from the past? How is the future? Are there any major developments I should know about? Is future me just as pedantic and annoying? I MUST KNOW.

Anyway, in the future, all signs point to several new titles should become available for purchase.

Lets go over a few shall we?

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager/Temporal Paradox

From the mind of Antoine Bauza, designer of the award winning 7 Wonders, comes  7 Wonders DUEL; a head to head re-implementation of the  modern classic for two-players. Race to crush your opponent militarily or speed your way to victory through scientific developments. And in a pinch, leave your mark upon the world with a wonder that reshapes the game itself and grants you powerful abilities.

In Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach, your bandits now ride. Gallop after the speeding train atop a horse, on take a detour to punt the stagecoach guard (and his nasty shotgun) off his lofty perch.  Kidnap VIPs from the stagecoach, grab loot from the strongbox and  raise a ruckus as the 2015 Spiel des Jahres winning game of train robbery just got that much better.


Unleash your inner Victorian sensibilities, and always remember to stay dapper as Munchkin Steampunk pulls into the station! Blending all the zaniness of Munchkin and the gonzo pseudo-Victorian stylings of Girl Genius’ Phil Foglio, grab your gears, put on your top hat, whack the monsters, and grab the treasure . . . with the power of SCIENCE!  Bully!

In T.I.M.E. Stories, the T.I.M.E Agency protects humanity by preventing temporal faults and paradoxes from threatening the fabric of our universe. As a temporal agent, you and your team will be sent into the bodies of beings from different worlds or realities to successfully complete the missions given to you.  Take possession of local hosts to navigate in a given environment and marshal your resources as you manipulate the timeline in search of that ever elusive “perfect” run.

New Board Game Releases
7 Wonders DUEL
Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach
Munchkin Steampunk
Ticket To Ride: UK Map Collection
T.I.M.E. Stories

Board and Card Game Restocks
7 Wonders and Expansions
Catan and Expansions
Kingdom Builder
Sheriff of Nottingham

Role Playing Games Restocks
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks
Pathfinder Core Rulebooks
Pathfinder Starter Set
Reaper Bones Miniatures
Shadowrun Core Rulebook


Happy New Year!

The new year is upon us! Happy 2016 everyone! Here’s a little update at what’s been going on at Games @ PI in the month of December.

On December 4th 2015, our friend from Poland, Tytus, joined us here at our store for a little game of Warhammer 40,000 with our staff, Aaron! Despite some delays with the flight, Tytus managed to make it to our store with his little army of Blood Angels!

Tytus' sanguinary priest is well painted despite his busy schedule.
Tytus’ sanguinary priest is well painted despite his busy schedule.
Left: Tytus had to have a little crash course on the rules since its been awhile since he last played.
Left: Tytus had to have a little crash course on the rules since its been awhile since he last played.

The 750 point game was didn’t take too long and although Tytus lost the battle, both parties concluded their game with a firm handshake. If you’re interested in an in-depth battle report on the game that Tytus and Aaron, you can check out Tytus’ wargaming blog here!

The two posed for a picture at the end of the game.
The two posed for a picture at the end of the game.

At the end of the night, Tytus had to go off. Although it was a short exchange, everyone had a great time getting to know each other.

Tytus is a travel blogger and he runs his own miniature painting blog! You can find out more about him here!

Our Hunt for Cypher painting contest was amazing! We had a bunch of amazing models submitted to us by our fantastic friends! Just in case you missed the news, here’s the winners of the Hunt for Cypher painting contest.

Winner - Zheng Han John's magnificent Cypher sculpt impressed our judges.
Winner – Zheng Han John’s magnificent Cypher sculpt impressed our judges.
Li Chunfu's impressive pose for Cypher leaves us in awe as well!
Li Chunfu’s impressive pose for Cypher leaves us in awe as well!

Here you can see the other photos of the contestants!

Look forward to future painting contests to showcase your talents!

Our Android: Netrunner LCG community attended the Netrunner nationals on December 12th! Here you can see their happy faces! Interested in the Android: Netrunner LCG as well? We play Netrunner every Tuesday! You can find out more here!

Everyone (almost) is wearing our Team PI T-shirt. Team PI represent!

We hope 2015 was a blast for you guys too! Let’s look forward to what 2016 has in store for us!

Reloading The Store

Hey PI-Fans,

How have your holidays been? With the Christmas rush being what it was,  I’m glad that the restocks are in.

In addition to reloading our shelves with classics like Dixit, Love Letter, Coup G54, The Resistance, Munchkin and Fluxx, we’ve gotten a slew of new titles which should see you through to the new year.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager/Thunderbird One Fanboi

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! Race to the rescue with International Rescue in Matt Leacock’s new cooperative masterpiece based on the classic 1960’s supermarionation TV Series. Outwit the Hood’s machinations with the assistance of the five Tracy Brothers and International Rescue’s London agent, Lady Penelope as International Rescue speeds from disaster to disaster in the Thunderbirds board game.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we got a bucket of swirling dogfights between X-Wings and TIE Fighters. Now, bring these lethal fighters to the tabletop  with the T-70 X-Wing and TIE/FO Expansion for the X-Wing Miniatures Game.

The Marvel Legendary Secret Wars continues in the Marvel Legendary Card Game unleashing a whole new slew of Heroes and Masterminds onto the tabletop as fan favorite characters such as Spider-Gwen and Dr. Punisher the Soldier Supreme launch themselves into the chaos of the Battleworlds in the third large box expansion for the award winning Legendary card game.

Think you’re ready for the mean streets, chummer?  Think you’re better than milk-runs? How about some High-Caliber Ops then? The High-Caliber Ops expansion for the Shadowun Crossfire Deckbuilding Game escalates the action with new gear, guns and spells for the black market and a host of all new nasty threats designed to put the damper on even the most experienced team of runners.

Want a bite-sized Munchkin Experience you can take with you? Or just looking for another pack to toss into your ever growing stack of Munchkin cards? Munchkin Christmas Lite is a standalone card game for 3-4 players designed for both players new to the Munchkin experience while containing all new cards that are right at home in any classic Munchkin set. Small and portable, it’s the perfect Munchkin for a player on the go!

New Board Game Releases
Machi Koro Deluxe Edition Tin
Marvel Legendary: Secret Wars 2
Munchkin Christmas Lite
Munchkin Kittens Expansion
Shadowrun Crossfire: High Calibre Ops
Star Wars X-Wing: T-70 X-Wing Expansion
Star Wars X-Wing: TIE/FO Expansion

Board and Card Game Restocks
7 Wonders and Expansions
Bang! The Card Game
Catan and Expansions
Coup G54
King of New York
King of Tokyo
Marvel Legendary and Expansions
Munchkin and Expansions
Love Letter
Red Dragon Inn
Smash Up and Expansions
Twilight Struggle
The Resistance and Expansions
Lords of Waterdeep
Sheriff of Nottingham

Role Playing Games Restocks
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks
Pathfinder Core Rulebooks
Pathfinder Starter Set
Reaper Bones Miniatures
Shadowrun Core Rulebook

Miniature Wargame Restocks
BattleTech – Clan 3050 OmniMech Miniatures
Star Wars Armada: Imperial Star Destroyer
Star Wars Armada: Imperial Raider
Star Wars Armada: Rebel MC30c Torpedo Frigate
Star Wars Armada: Rebel MC80 Mon Calamari Cruiser
Star Wars Armada: Rogues and Villains Expansion
Star Wars X-Wing: The Force Awakens Core Set

And the Winners are..

With the Hunt for Cypher Painting Contest concluded, here are our winners! Congratulations! We would like to thank everyone that participated in the painting contest; your creative interpretations of Cypher were amazing!

Here you can see the amazing Cypher that impressed us!

Winner - Zheng Han John's magnificent Cypher sculpt impressed our judges.
The contest winner Zheng Han John’s magnificent Cypher sculpt impressed our judges.

The Runner-up for the Hunt of Cypher painting contest is amazing as well!

Li Chunfu's impressive pose for Cypher leaves us in awe as well!
Li Chunfu’s impressive pose for Cypher leaves us in awe as well!

Once again, congratulations to our winners! Please approach our staff for more information and assistance on your reward. Keep a look out for future painting contests!

X-Wing: Captain Crash

Hey PI-Fans,

Enjoy the X-Wing Miniatures game? Well… try your hand at the Games @ PI casual events – ever so often we get bored and roll out some really weird rule sets. Our next event is coming up on the 9th of January, so those poor fools above had better work on fixing that TIE.

If what both the X-Wing flight-sims and the miniature game taught us holds true, CRASHING = BAD. Of course, on the other hand, setting up someone to crash with you is… slightly more entertaining.

Captain Crash is a casual X-Wing event where scoring kills is… slightly less important than causing people to hit you… So. Strap in folks. It’s gonna be bumpy.


Event Date: 9th Jan 2016, 2 pm.

Fleet Construction:

Bring a Fleet containing no more than 3 ships with a final pointage of not more that 75 points. All ships must be from the same faction. No player may field more than one large based ship.

Each player will be randomly assigned a deployment zone on a single 36×36 X-Wing Game Mat. All players will play on the same mat.

Event Rules:
1) Multiplayer Initiative:
Before each game turn begins and before maneuver dials are set, a player will randomly be selected by die roll as the starting player. The Player will move all his players with ships of the same initiative value first. Players with ships of the same initiative will move their ships progressively clockwise from that player.

2) Reinforcements:
Each time a player’s ship is destroyed, it is returned to play the following turn from that player’s deployment zone with all damage removed. All spent ordnance, pilot skills and illicit cards will be refreshed.

3) Variable Game Length:
At the end of each game turn, a single attack die will be added to the Game Length pool. At the end of each turn, all the dice in the Game Length pool will be rolled. The game ends on the turn that 3 crits are rolled in a single roll.

4) The Anti-Suicide Clause:
Players who intentionally/unintentionally destroy their own ship suffer a point penalty equal to the number of players in the event. Exception are made for ships destroyed by Ion movement.

5) Captain Crash:
Players do not score points in the regular fashion.
– Each enemy ship destroyed by an attack awards 1 point to a player.
– Each time an enemy ship collides with and is forced to stop movement in contact with one of your ships, the ship’s controlling player is awarded 1 point. (If a ship base would overlap 2 or more ships, at the end of movement, award 1 point to each player involved in the pileup).
– Each attack (Ion/Tractor/Bomb etc) that causes an enemy ship to collide with another ship (not necessarily your own) or overlap an obstacle earns the attacking player 1 point.

Participation Fee is $10.
Each participant receives an alternate art Gunner card and a $6 Games @ PI Voucher Die.

After the event, In order of placement, EACH participating players will each get to choose from the following prizes (based on availability):
Acrylic Extra Munitions Tokens
X-Wing Dice Bags
Alternate art Darth Vader card

The player with the highest score will also be awarded an even medal.

Each player who placed will get a prize. In the event that player numbers exceed the prize pool, the prize pool will be supplemented at the store’s discretion.




Play Games, Have Fun, Get Swag!

To Boldly Go…

Please Pardon The Manager. He’s clearly confused and it’s Been A Long Day.


Hi PI-Fans,

A Long Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away… Wait. Something isn’t right. Sorry. Lets try that again.

If I’ve learnt anything, it’s that fandoms are non-exclusive – my love of Star Wars neither competes nor demeans my ability to appreciate Star Trek… Which is great, because even in this time of Star Wars mania, Star Trek 5 Year Mission is really really good game. Unless you’re a redshirt. But. Hey. Who cares about the redshirts?
– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager/Balancer of the Force.

Command a 5-year mission aboard the USS Enterprise in Star Trek: Five Year Mission. NCC-1701 or NCC 1701-D, you ask? Why not both? Work together to resolve escalating series of alerts before the Enterprise is destroyed. Deal with injuries which lock dice out of play, circumvent ship damage, the prime directive, as well as the ever looming timer as you boldly go where no man has gone before…

In Patchwork, two players compete to build the most aesthetic (and high-scoring) patchwork quilt – creating a beautiful quilt, however, requires effort and time, but the available patches just do not want to fit together. So choose your patches carefully and keep a healthy supply of buttons to not only finish your quilt, but to make it better and more beautiful than your opponent‘s in this devious game of quick thinking and fast needlework.

In the thick of the Viennese modern age, exquisite cafés are competing for customers. This is your opportunity to turn your little café into a world famous hotel. Choose wisely which guests to attract and complete their orders to gain bonus actions as you struggle to wring maximum efficiency out of your limited resources and small pool of staff. Hire staff, fulfill the wishes of your guests, and gain the emperor’s favor. Only then will your café become the Grand Austria Hotel.



New Board Game Releases
Grand Austria Hotel
Star Trek: Five-Year Mission

Board and Card Game Restocks
Bacchus’ Banquet
Catan: Cities & Knights Expansion
Catan: Traders & Barbarians Expansion
Catan: Seafarers Expansions
Catan: Explorers & Pirates Expansion
Family Business
WWE Superstar Showdown

Role Playing Games Restocks
Savage Worlds Explorers Edition Rulebook

Dropzone Commander Community Event

Games @ PI is proud to host the Dropzone Commander Community Tournament on 9th January 2016 at 1030 hrs.

Ready to do your part for the Reconquest?

Download the Tournament Pack HERE and register at the EVENT PAGE.


A Golden Age of humanity has passed into history. A time when mankind advanced implacably and unopposed through the stars has gone beyond living memory.

The armies of the United Colonies of Mankind march towards humanities’ former heartland, battling the dreaded Scourge one world at a time. Many enemies and allies await on this journey; an odyssey through the stars towards a distant and glittering goal – Earth.

Dropzone Commander (DzC) is a 10mm scale sci-fi tabletop wargame, devised for mass battles between two or more players. The game is built around the concept of rapid deployment and redeployment of your forces by airborne dropships, exemplifying the pace of combat on the battlefields of the future. This makes for a tactical and fast paced experience, where quick thinking and strokes of genius often bring victory.

The Quick Brown Fox

Hey PI-Fans,

We’re rolling into the Christmas period, so in addition to the usual new releases you’d expect on a Monday morning, we’re stocking deep in preparation for all your shopping needs.

For of you who  noticed absence from the store, no… they didn’t find my body washed up on a beach somewhere. I’m on vacation. Sort of, anyway. Also, I am not a Manei Domini infiltrator masquerading as the store manager on the internet.
Have a good week, folks.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager/Precentor Dominus

Will your your quest end in death or glory? In Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, 1 to 4 players guide some of the Old World’s most iconic heroes into the shadows to vanquish some of Warhammer’s most terrifying monsters in a quest for fabulous treasure in this modern re-implementation of the classic cooperative dungeon crawl.

Start at the beginning of A Song of Ice and Fire with Taking the Black, the first Chapter Pack in theWesteros cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. As A Song of Ice and Fire begins, Westeros is at peace. But this deceptive calm will not long remain. Already, conflict between the Great Houses is on the horizon. You can take your place at the very beginning of the story with Taking the Black.

In Flashlights & Fireflies, get ready for a backyard dash-through-the-dark in this game of firefly-powered flashlight freeze tag! Catch fireflies to power your flashlight and then find the other players before they sneak back to home base. But keep an eye out for bats, raccoons, and other nighttime critters that are out to trip up your tracks!
Mrs. Plumpert’s prized pot pie has gone missing and it’s now a chicken chase to crack the case! Move around the board to gather clues and then use the special evidence scanner to rule out suspects. You’ll have to work together quickly because the guilty fox is high-tailing it towards the exit! Will you halt the hungry hooligan before it flies the coop… or will you be Outfoxed?

( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■



New Board Game Releases
A Game Of Thrones 2E: Taking The Black Chapter Pack
Flashlights & Fireflies
Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game
Warhammer 40,000 Conquest: Degree of Ruin War Pack

Board and Card Game Restocks
7 Wonders
Apples to Apples Party Box
Camel Up
Magic: The Gathering -Arena of the Planeswalker
Sushi Go
Forbidden Island
Forbidden Desert
Zeus on the Loose

Role Playing Games Restocks
End of the World: Wrath of the Gods

The truest light often casts the darkest shadows behind men. The power of true faith is never to be taken lightly.
– Jerome Blake,  Primus Administrator of Comstar

December Games Workshop Bundle!

With the holidays here, it’s a good time for some of us to get back in touch with our hobbies!

Games Workshop has a few bundles up for grab and we would like to help you save too! Order the bundles directly through us and save yourself an additional 10%!

Hurry up though! The closing date for our promotion is December 14th, 2015. Check with our staff for more information. The following bundles can be ordered through us;


Tau Empire Retaliation Cadre
S$312 S$281


Stormcast Eternals Expansion Set
S$300 S$270


Khorne Bloodbound Expansion Set
S$300 S$270


Seraphon Thunderbeast Host
S$300 S$270


Citadel Project Paint Box
S$300 S$270


Relicos Militarum
S$360 S$324


Space Marine Battle Demi-Company
S$324 S$292


Adeptus Mechanicus Battle Maniple
S$312 S$281


Adeptus Mechanicus Elimination Maniple
S$216 S$194


Chaos Dreadhold Helfort
S$420 S$378