Warmachine & Hordes

Warmachine and Hordes

Kew Sheng Yao

Date of review: 22/9/2015

Edited by: Simon Joseph


Warmachine and Hordes are a Sci-fi RPG game with a unique gameplay that promotes player to think and analyze the current situation and deploy the troops accordingly. Warmachine is supposed to promote defensive play while Hordes supposed to promote offensive play, but it also depends on the player.


Each player will take on the role of a warcaster, a general summoner that summons combat units and lead them to battle. The thing is that each warcaster can are limited to only summon a single type of armies. Players can place limited troops onto the battlefield. Once both side has done so, let the battle begin!


The difference between Warmachine and Hordes is that Warmachine’s warcaster only can summon and control steam-powered miniature combat units whereas Hordes’s warcaster only can summon and control monstrous miniature combat units. Both are different games but have the same gameplay and mechanics, therefore both are compatible to play together. But the damage recording are different depending on what armies that the player is using like warbeasts and warjack.


Like to control an army full of heavy combat warmachine or an army full of monstrous beast? Then get Warmachine and Hordes and lead them to a glorious battle.

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