Netrunner Tuesdays


Tuesdays: 6pm – 10pm.

With a regular 3 week league cycle now heading towards it’s 30th season, Netrunner Tuesdays is the day to show the mega-corps in the Android Universe how not to achieve their agendas.

We play Android: Netrunner every Tuesday. The league runs in 3 week cycles, and participants receive a special promo card, as well as the oppotunity to win unique prizes highly valued within the global Netrunner community. Every 4th week is officially a rest week, where the community tries its hand at other games. There are still enough runners looking for corps even on a rest week.

When you want to know more, just drop on by and have a chat with our staff, who will be more than pleased to help equip another runner to play in the Android:Netrunner universe, and get a free Netrunner: ID too!

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